Date Added 28/02/2021

Mick Filmer


Could you please pass on the thanks of Mick's family to all of your members past & present that attended the Green on Friday morning.

The sight was humbling as he did his final lap of the Green, and the effort of people to get out and pay their respects was both richly appreciated and at the same time visually stunning. (It would have been great to record it, but we were trying to drink it in - if anyone does have any footage to share it would be gratefully received by the way)

I will never forget the sight as we approached the Green, and from being hopeful that there would be "some people" there to say their goodbyes, what greeted us was something that will long live in the memory and something that my father would probably have been embarrassed about (he didn't like a fuss), but also he would have been humbled.

That show of respect absolutely knocked us for six (something that he hit a few of in his time!) but in a good way, so once again, we thank you one and all - you all made such a sad day that much better and for that we are eternally grateful.

Wishing you all nothing but the best of luck, stay safe and hopefully we can all meet again in better circumstances in the near future,

Mick's Family